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Search System

Read this first!

In the form, different fields can be filled. After you have clicked 'Submit form', a search will be performed for records that comply with the query you have formed by entering data into the fields. The order in which you fill the fields is not important.

The searchroutine is case insensitive.
By clicking on one of the buttons on the right of the searchform you'll be able to search through a listing of possible names which can be found in the catalogus. It's possible to search on authors, organisations or subjects. Fill in your searchkey in the field on the left of the button and click on the button. The result will be shown in the frame of the helptext. The number behind the term is the number of records which posses that term. Click on it and you'll get the records.
Here you select the field to search on.
When you want to search more than one value in a field, select the field in serveral lines and enter the values you want to find. You can set the operator, truncation and the boolean for all those fields separately

The value you enter is the value the wwwopac will search for. With the operator you can determin how this value should relate to the value in the records.

Using truncation (by checking the checkbox) any string of characters (or no characters at all) is allowed after the ones you've already entered. This means that the search will include any word starting with the characters you've entered and the string of characters itself.
An example:
Entering we in the title field will result in every record that has a word starting with 'we' (such as 'we', 'weer' and 'weerlicht') in the title.
Truncation only works in combination with the '=' operator. Together with the other operators the only the value you've entered is used.

When you want to search on several fields, you can combine those fields using 'and', 'or' and 'not'.

In this field you can enter in which database you wish to search. Click on the arrow next to the database-listing and select a database.
You can either search the selected part of the catalogue or the complete catalogue (full catalogue).
Please note that our on-line catalogue is in the process of being filled. Older publications you can find in our card catalogue.

In this field you can enter words from the title. When you enter more than one word, all records will be retrieved that have those words in no particular order in the title.

In this field you can enter the name of the author you want to find (e.g. 'wolkers' or 'wolkers, jan').

Organisation works like 'author'. An example from our database would be 'FNV'.

Here you can enter subjects that the search engine should look for. The order of the words is not important. An example from our database: 'com', which will find 'communisme', but also 'computer'.

In this field you can enter words from various fields to look for. The order of the words is not important.

Here you can enter the name of the publisher that the search engine should look for.

Here you can enter the year of publishing, e.g. '1990' or '198'.

Here you can enter the shelfmark.

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