The American Corner in Tirana was inaugurated on 18 February 2004 by the Director of the National Library of Albania Mr. Aurel Plasari and the US Ambassador in Tirana Mr. James Jeffrey. It is located at the National Library of Albania and its mission is to be a partner in promoting mutual values and understanding between the United States of America and Albania. The American Corner functions as a library and information service, with open and permanent access to all resources, offering a wide range of information on the US, reference materials in printed form (dictionaries and encyclopedias), CD-ROM databases and direct access in online American sources of information via the Internet.

This service encompasses a wide range of information on the United States, its history, politics, literature and culture in general, helpful to a wide number of users interested in the latest news and developments in this country, as well as researchers on various U.S. political, educational and cultural issues. This service provides information for those who wish to study in American universities, gives information for interested parties who want to conduct business with US-based companies, etc. The American Corner provides materials on various topics, as: traditions, culture and information, books or reviews that shed light on the political, economic, and social life in the United States. Its users have access to the Internet, wireless and eLibraryUSA service, and Kindle e-book Reader equipment, etc.

The American Corner organizes even English-language discussion clubs for kids aged 8-14 years and young audiences, movies and documentaries, debates in order to contribute to the development of community's shared values.

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